How to Create a Newsletter Subject Line That Works – Really!

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How to Create a Newsletter Subject Line That Really Works

Creating a great subject line is an important first step to understanding how to create an entire email newsletter. Without an eye catching subject line, your emails are doomed to get lost in your subscriber’s mailbox abyss. Read on to discover how to create a newsletter subject line that really works.

There’s one important question you must ask yourself. “What motivates your audience?” Most audiences are motivated by something that affects themselves directly, or a newsworthy event. These examples will help you learn how to create a newsletter subject line that gets opened.

  • Did you see this at (the name of event), (Name)?
    This is a great follow up if you received your subscribers at an event.
  • Uh-oh. You forgot something in your cart, (name)!
    If you’re tracking e-commerce visitors who forgot to check out, this is a great way to get customers coming back to your site!
  • Happy Birthday (Name). We have a gift for you!
    Everyone loves free gifts. Desserts, drinks, Spotify playlists, and brand tshirts are good ideas.
  • That’s a wrap!
    Just finished making a commercial or photo shoot? This is a great way to get people wondering what you’re wrapping up.
  • We have a gift for you, (name)!
    This is a great way to provide promotions or discounts to keep your business coming back.

Learning how to create an email subject line that really works can be fun! Whatever you to do when creating an email’s subject line it’s important to:

  1. Avoid being salesy, or using antiquated words like “reminder”, “percent off”, and “buy now”.
  2. Personalize your email as much as possible. Using the name of their company, or their first name is a great way to increase your open-rate.
  3. Switch it up. You can’t use the same subject line forever! After awhile, it will start to go stale and read rates will go down. To keep your subscribers’ interest, switch it up a bit!

Now that you know how to create a newsletter subject line, the next step is creating killer content. Try to keep the brand voice similar to the style you used to create your subject line’s brand voice. Everything should be mirroring your amazing brand and what you do to help your subscribers, of course!

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