The Evolution of Social Media Content Design

Grant NielsenDesign, Digital Marketing, Social

The Evolution of Social Media Content Design

Anyone who has ever designed content for a brand on social media knows how challenging it can be. If we completely ignore the content strategy side of social media management and focus entirely on creative development, we’re still left with a dizzying list of considerations. For my first blog of … Read More

Make the Logo Bigger: A Crash Course in Brand Focus

Grant NielsenBranding, Design

Make the Logo Bigger: A Crash Course in Brand Focus

  It always starts as such a seemingly benign note by a well-intentioned client: “make the logo bigger.” So simple, right? What could possibly be objectionable about that? The problem is rarely the request itself, but the impulse to make it. Many tropes have emerged through the years which comically … Read More

How to Avoid Design By Committee

Grant NielsenDesign, Strategy, Team

How to Avoid Design by Committee

Too many cooks spoil the broth. Too many coaches, not enough players. A camel is just a horse designed by committee. There are so many variants of this age-old problem that you never have to reach far for an idiom. Indeed, it’s a common enough issue that most of us … Read More

How to Develop a Visual Brand Guide

Grant NielsenBranding, Design

How to Design a Brand Guide

I’m lucky to be able to do what I love for a living and brand design is at the very top of my list. However, if there were ever a delusion I would love to dispel as a brand designer, it would be that a logo is not a brand … Read More

In the Eye of the Beholder: Psychology in Design

Hailey DolanDesign

Psychology in Design

“I make things pretty.” Simple, succinct, and maybe a bit undermining, but it’s my go-to response to “So, what is it someone in marketing does, exactly?” This question was asked often at the company I worked for prior to starting my own, and after two years of listing out my … Read More

Superior Subpages: Designing Beyond the Homepage

Grant NielsenWeb Design, Design

website subpage design

There are a variety of criteria to consider when assessing the strength/health of a website design. Very often we find beautiful homepage designs that provide a great first impression but fail to deliver below the fold or into the website’s subpages. This trend seems to affect designers in all echelons … Read More