What To Ask When Planning a Photo Shoot

Agnes LopezStrategy, Team

What To Ask When Planning a Photo Shoot

As a commercial advertising and food photographer, I find it’s always nice to work with a creative director on shoots as they’re able to help guide me on their client’s needs, manage expectations, and assemble the right team. Communication is critical and we tend to believe it’s always important to … Read More

How to Avoid Design By Committee

Grant NielsenDesign, Strategy, Team

How to Avoid Design by Committee

Too many cooks spoil the broth. Too many coaches, not enough players. A camel is just a horse designed by committee. There are so many variants of this age-old problem that you never have to reach far for an idiom. Indeed, it’s a common enough issue that most of us … Read More

Five Lessons Learned for Five Years of Nuera

Joe SampsonNews, Strategy, Team

5 Business Lessons Learned for Five Years at Nuera

Five years ago we opened the doors on Nuera Marketing for the first time. For the most part, it doesn’t quite feel like it’s already been five years, but this last year was, well, a little longer than most. It quickly became about survival and then finding a way to … Read More