Analytics Should Influence Content

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Social Media Content For Brands and Businesses

Last year we published a blog outlining the A-Z’s of social media and it turned out to be one of our most-read posts of the year. While the nature of social media marketing is inherently fluid, data is unequivocally static which makes it a marketer’s best resource. We thought we’d … Read More

Client Spotlight: Kathy’s Table

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Kathy's Table

We’ve managed social media for Kathy’s Table for nearly a year now and during that time we’ve not only grown their social presence significantly, we’ve also developed a firm grasp on the messaging that engages their customer community. When we learned that they typically experience a downturn during the summer … Read More

How Brands Can Use Twitter To Engage Their Audience

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How Brands Can Use Twitter To Engage Their Audience

Twitter has been in the news a lot lately, for better or worse. Unlike more popular social networks like Facebook and Instagram, there’s a common perception of Twitter that it’s a haven for vitriolic trolling and off-kilter ramblings condensed into 140 characters. While there’s certainly some degree of validity to … Read More