The Age of AI: Why Copywriting Still Needs a Human Touch

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The Age of AI: Why Copywriting Still Needs a Human Touch

Much of the digital marketing world has adopted the use of ChatGPT or other artificial intelligence (AI) platforms. While the scope of writing and digital marketing has rapidly evolved, many are questioning the viability of the new technology. Though the technology is undoubtedly convenient and impressive, it has some distinct disadvantages. Weighing the pros and cons of AI technology in digital marketing will be on nearly every company’s radar if it’s not already.

At Nuera, we love innovation and value creativity. We remain committed to serving our clients and providing creative marketing solutions as AI technology progresses. We’ll cover how AI is changing the face of digital marketing and why copywriters still need the human touch in the age of AI.

The Age of AI is Not Coming. It’s Here.

Artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction, though it has been “up-and-coming” technology over the past several years. Companies worldwide have already adopted the use of AI in several forms. Though there is a common misconception about artificial intelligence, consumers are more used to it than they may realize.

Artificial intelligence technology has been utilized in chatbots, company emails, copywriting, and in countless other ways. AI can be quite helpful and is very common when used for robotic communications or data gathering. Digital marketing companies may use AI generators to help curate content specifically for their audience. Other marketers may use AI solely as an idea-generating source. Regardless of its application, there is no question that the use of AI across the business spectrum is becoming much more commonplace.

The Written Word is the Expression of Humanity

Human vs AI CopywriterThroughout history, the written word has been humanity’s legacy. Writing has created stories, recorded history, explored ideas, taught new concepts, toppled empires, established connections across cultures, and bridged impossible divisions. There’s no question that written communication has profoundly impacted the world. Humans have used written language throughout history and culture to develop and express themselves.

Copywriters use the transformative power of the written word to communicate ideas and creative solutions in a strategic, marketable form. Human writers differ from artificially created content, especially in the ability to express it from experience. Copywriters can draw from their experiences and critical understanding to create powerful, engaging content that creates those unforgettable brand moments.

The Problem with Artificial Intelligence

According to Forbes Magazine, using only AI-generated content could be problematic. Understandably, there is hesitation to use AI software to create digital marketing content. There are some natural disadvantages and precautions that content creators must consider before making content using AI-generated content.

Here are some of the disadvantages and potential issues with artificial intelligence:

  • Inaccurate information
    When AI generates content, it does not fact-check. While the content generated by artificial intelligence may be cohesive and even compelling, it could be entirely inaccurate. A well-spoken argument falls apart if it is not backed by verifiable information.
  • Lack of human understanding
    Artificial intelligence software’s content needs the human experience. To create content, human copywriters can draw from their personal emotions, culturally relevant experiences, and emotional intelligence. Lacking emotion, AI content can sound robotic and unfeeling.
  • Lack of strategic content creation
    An AI content generator will often use unstrategic language in its writing. A human copywriter can employ a plethora of strategies to connect with the reader, prioritize search engine optimization, and implement writing strategies to encounter the audience exactly where they are.
  • Legal issues
    Naturally, there are some legal concerns with the use of AI in generating content. For example, students using AI to generate content for class assignments could be considered cheating. The same is true in the digital marketing world. If copywriters only use AI to create the content they provide, there could be legal ramifications for plagiarism and falsification of content.
  • Unhealthy dependence
    Learning to write is an essential human skill. If society agreed to a culture reliant on artificial intelligence to create the written word, humanity could lose the critical skills that come with writing.
  • Repetitive content
    AI content can be repetitive. The content AI creates could be frustratingly monotonous because it is stagnantly pulling from information rather than experience.

These drawbacks to AI-generated content are undoubtedly worth considering before employing them in a marketing strategy.

Is AI Going to Replace Copywriters?

Human vs AI CopywriterIn short, no. Though the technology is impressive, human copywriters are here to stay. That’s not to say that strategic copywriting may need to adapt and evolve as technology changes, but that has always been the nature of writing. As humans, we learn, we create, and we innovate in how we communicate, as well as what strategies we employ.

Copywriters do not write the same way they did 50 years ago. We must constantly progress and adapt to create compelling, engaging content the audience craves.

How Writers Are Adapting

As the scope of content creation evolves, many content creators have adapted their strategies to rise with the progression of artificial intelligence. Some copywriters may resolve to edit AI content, while others may adjust their approach to adhere to a higher standard.

Several content creators have changed their job titles to reflect the progression of AI technology. As writers adapt, they show their resilience and further separate themselves from artificial intelligence. The human ability to create and change is what sets us apart from AI.

Human Strategy + Nuera Marketing

At Nuera, we thrive on a marriage of human creativity and data-driven insights. We build audience-specific solutions that create genuine human connections to engage and convert casual users into raving brand evangelists. We help make your business ideas an achievable reality through strategic marketing and conversational connections. Our team is here to help market your ideas for your business. Reach out to our team to learn how you can put our proven strategies to work for you.

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