8 Do’s & Don’ts of Web Design for Small Business

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Do's & Don'ts of Web Design for Small Business

As creatives at a digital marketing agency, we know well the risk and reward scenario a new website typically represents for a small business. The investment in a new website needs to prove value by providing a favorable, effective user experience for one’s customers. Indeed, most small business websites have … Read More

The Utility of Minimalism in Web Design

Grant NielsenWeb Design

minimalism in web design

At its heart, this post is a discussion about how to improve user experience on the web, however, I want to zero-in on a single element of that ever-advancing school of thought: the utility of minimalism in web design. I’ve been mulling over this subject in my head for a … Read More

Superior Subpages: Designing Beyond the Homepage

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website subpage design

There are a variety of criteria to consider when assessing the strength/health of a website design. Very often we find beautiful homepage designs that provide a great first impression but fail to deliver below the fold or into the website’s subpages. This trend seems to affect designers in all echelons … Read More

What You Should Expect From Your New Website Design

Joe SampsonWeb Design

new website design

Our sales process for a new website client often starts with the client planning to update an outdated and/or ineffective website without knowing what they should really expect of the new website design. In an ever-evolving digital world, that’s perfectly normal. Those expectations are not only abundant and shifting, they … Read More

Nu Year, Nu Look, Nu Era

Joe SampsonNews, Branding, Strategy, Team, Web Design

Three years ago today we opened the doors on Nuera Marketing for the first time. Starting any business is hard and starting a marketing agency is, well, no exception. There’s a lot of competition ranging from big, well-established agencies and intentionally smaller, boutique brands to scrappy solo shops willing to … Read More

Client Spotlight: Flask & Cannon

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Flask & Cannon

As Nuera’s creative director and lead designer, I’ve definitely seen my share of interesting and unexpected graphics projects, but perhaps none more so than the visual brand that became Flask & Cannon. Established bar-owners Kurt Rogers and Matt Carson knew what they wanted but weren’t sure how to achieve it. … Read More

Client Spotlight: Sidecar

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Before we even opened the doors on our Nuera office, we were working with our future neighbors in San Marco. Case in point is one of our very favorite local businesses, (and official company watering hole,) Sidecar. From branding to menu and web design, we’ve quietly been working behind the … Read More

A Winning Website for a Jacksonville Football Tradition

Joe SampsonWeb Design

florida-georgia website

It can be a challenge to build a new website for one of Jacksonville’s largest and most beloved signature events. It’s even more of a challenge to go from research, content planning and copywriting to design, development and launch within a condensed timeline. But our creative team loves a challenge … Read More