How Brands Can Use Twitter To Engage Their Audience

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How Brands Can Use Twitter To Engage Their Audience

Twitter has been in the news a lot lately, for better or worse. Unlike more popular social networks like Facebook and Instagram, there’s a common perception of Twitter that it’s a haven for vitriolic trolling and off-kilter ramblings condensed into 140 characters. While there’s certainly some degree of validity to … Read More

How Brands Improve Organic Facebook Reach

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Improve Organic Facebook Reach

As a brand on Facebook, it can be difficult to reach a significant number of people without spending money on advertising. You don’t have to be as rich as Croesus, but you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle to get your brand seen as often, or more often, than … Read More

How To Respond to Facebook Reviews

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how to respond to facebook reviews

As a business owner, there’s no more important part of Facebook than Reviews. While you ultimately control your company’s branding through the content you post on your page, 88% of people say they trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation. This can be both a good and … Read More

How To Humanize Your Brand Voice On Social Media

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authentic social media marketing

Writing social media copy for a brand is a lot like moderating a panel discussion at a conference. On one hand, you want to be informative, but you also want to guide the conversation amongst panelists so that they’re taking the initiative to discover and discuss the core aspects of … Read More