How To Respond to Facebook Reviews

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how to respond to facebook reviews

As a business owner, there’s no more important part of Facebook than Reviews. While you ultimately control your company’s branding through the content you post on your page, 88% of people say they trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation. This can be both a good and bad thing because while you’re ultimately relinquishing control of your company’s message, there’s no better endorsement of your company than a positive Facebook review.

So how do you respond when someone leaves a scathing 1-star Review on your page? What if they give you a glowing endorsement in a 5 star review? There are a myriad ways to respond to both positive and negative Reviews, but the most important thing is to respond to every single Review left on your page, even if you disagree with the expressed sentiment. Leaving a Facebook Review requires time and effort on behalf of the customer, and you should treat that with reverence.

The specifics of your response will vary depending on your business, but here are a few best practices to consider when replying to the various types of Facebook Reviews.

Scathing, Lengthy, and Detailed 1 Star Facebook Review

These Reviews are always the toughest to respond to because no business consciously works to antagonize their customers. With that being said, if the customer provides significant details about their poor experience then you need to investigate and corroborate before you respond. If the customer’s complaint is founded, then you’ll need to apologize and address their concerns. You don’t need to provide the same level of detail, but you need them to understand that you’re taking their complaint seriously.

Once you’ve addressed their complaints, ask them to send you a direct message with their telephone number so that you can address their complaint in greater detail. This serves to add a personal touch in your attempt to mollify the customer while also discreetly ending the conversation in a public forum. Anyone visiting your Reviews section will see that you take them seriously, but they’ll only see one scathing indictment rather than an entire conversation.

Scathing, Lengthy, and Detailed 1-star Review That Is Patently Untrue

Everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a positive customer experience, and some people just won’t be happy regardless of the caliber of your service. It’s tricky when someone leaves a 1-star review that’s riddled with untruths because your response needs to be measured and calm while still articulating the inaccuracies in the original post. You’re here to tell your side of the story while politely discrediting the original poster.

This is another instance where you want to end the public conversation as quickly as possible by moving the conversation to the telephone. The odds are good that the person will still feel compelled to respond to your response, but once you’ve offered to take the conversation to the phone, that should be your refrain in any response going forward. If they respond to your response, just remind them politely that you offered to discuss this over the phone and that the offer still stands. The customer may always be right, but they’re not always polite about it. You have to be.

2-4 Star Facebook Review

These reviews can be frustrating because as mentioned everyone’s definition of quality of service is inherently subjective. For the 2-3 star review, you’re going to want to follow the same principles outlined above. For a four star review, the best kind of response is to thank them for leaving a review and then to ask them to send you a message to let you know what you could have done to earn that 5th star. This shows anyone perusing your reviews that you take them seriously and you’re constantly working to provide first-rate service to your customers.

5 Star Facebook Review

There are few things better than receiving a glowing review from a satisfied customer. There’s a lot of leeway in how you should respond here, but if you can add a personal detail about the customer then you’ll exhibit a genuine interest in the satisfaction of each customer. With that being said, you should always thank these reviewers effusively. It took time for them to write the review that you’ll benefit from, and you want them to know how much it’s appreciated. These reviews also serve as great content for your page, but be sure to ask the customer for permission to share it before you proceed.

Short of doing your best to provide first-rate service to your customers, you can’t control how they review their experience. Your response to them is first to address their concerns or compliments, and second to show prospective customers that you have a deep investment in the satisfaction of your customers. You’re constantly working to better the experience for your customers, and responding to a Facebook Review is a great opportunity to demonstrate that in a public forum.


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