April 2024 Social Media Holidays & Observances

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April 2024 Social Media Holidays & Observances

Everyone knows that April showers bring May flowers but it turns out they also bring a comprehensive calendar of April 2024 social media holidays and observances from your pals at Nuera Marketing! There are so many great social media holidays for businesses to observe in April and we’ve not only included them here but we’ve also added additional context, post ideas, hashtags, and resources that will give you the upper hand when scheduling your posts. At Nuera, we utilize many of these days for our own clients and we’ve made this April 2024 social media holidays and observances calendar applicable to just about every industry!

We’ll be posting these calendars every month throughout the year so stay tuned for those May social media flowers that will bloom next month as well!

Monthly Social Media Observances in April

Counseling Awareness Month
This month was started to raise awareness for mental health issues experienced by people of all ages and to highlight the incredible work being done by mental health counselors. If you work as a mental health professional then you can use this month to share a series of facts about the benefits of therapy like this one from Mental Health America. #CounselingAwarenessMonth

Financial Literacy Month
Financial Literacy Month coincides with tax season and encourages people to take control of their finances by learning key strategies like budgeting and saving. If you work in the financial field, this provides a great opportunity to share a series of tips to become more financially literate throughout the month. You could also share some eye-popping numbers like these from Thrive Financial. #FinancialLiteracyMonth

Dog Appreciation Month
With the exception of cats (who aren’t active on social media anyway), pretty much everyone loves dogs. If you have an office dog then this is your chance to share photos of the pupper interacting with your team. If you really want to lean into this month then you can share this list of reasons to adopt a shelter dog from the ASPCA. #DogAppreciationMonth

International Customer Loyalty Month
Customers are the lifeblood of any business and this is the month where you show your appreciation for your superstars. We recommend posting offering loyalty rewards and featuring your most ride-or-die customers because your potential customers will see it and realize how much you appreciate their business. #CustomerLoyaltyMonth

Physical Wellness Month
Beach season is right around the corner and people are really starting to grind it out to get healthy. Gyms and health food stores can offer a series of tips and motivational axioms to their audience to help encourage them to stay the course on their fitness journey throughout this month and beyond. Here is a great list of tips from Healthline that you can share! #PhysicalWellnessMonth

National Volunteer Month
This month is all about celebrating giving back. If there are organizations your business or members of your team support then share content of you putting in the work to help out. Social media is frequently all about sell, sell, sell so showing your team working for a good cause is a great way to humanize your brand. #NationalVolunteerMonth

April 2024 Social Media Holidays

APR 01

April Fool’s Day
If your intrepid author were writing a social media post for April Fool’s Day on his personal account then it might read something like “Volunteering to compile an extensive 2024 social media calendar was not at all laborious and I definitely didn’t underestimate the amount of time it would take to complete. #AprilFools”. In all seriousness, here is a list of some of the best April Fool’s campaigns brands have executed on social media. #AprilFoolsDay

APR 02

Autism Awareness Day
This is a day to raise awareness of autism and to help people become more aware of some of the characteristics of autism. Autism Speaks has a great list of ideas for how you can best commemorate the day on social media. You can also take a photo of your team wearing blue to take part in Autism Speaks’ Light It Up Blue campaign. #LightItUpBlue

National DIY Day
This is a day to bring out the creativity of the members of your audience who like to do things themselves. If you sell crafts or building materials then this is a great day for a promotion or a sale! #DIYDAY

APR 03

National Walking Day
There’s really nothing more cathartic than a nice walk and there are so many health benefits to simply walking 30 to 60 minutes a day. If your business is involved in fitness in any capacity then consider sharing something like this list of 15 benefits to walking from Prevention. #NationalWalkingDay

APR 04

National Burrito Day
Few foods inspire more passion than the mighty burrito. Celebrate this day by offering discounts and promotions on the burritos on your menu! #NationalBurritoDay

APR 05

National Self Care Day
Encourage your audience to do something to take care of themselves today. This is a great opportunity for businesses that offer self-care products to offer discounts and promotions while reinforcing their core branding philosophy. You can also share some of these self-care tips from Everyday Health. #SelfCareDay

APR 06

Army Day
This is a day to celebrate the service of those who have served in the Army. If any member of your staff served in the Army then this is a day to post a photo of them with a caption that shows your appreciation for their service. #ArmyDay

Drowsy Driver Awareness Day
Drowsy driving accidents are responsible for an estimated 6,400 deaths each year in the United States. Use this day to share some tips for how to drive more safely and avoid driving when you’re too drowsy. The Sleep Foundation has some great information you can use here. #DrowsyDrivingAwareness

APR 07

National Beer Day
Fish meet barrel. Bars and restaurants should post about specials and highlight some of their best beers on this day. Make it a celebration! #NationalBeerDay

APR 08

National Zoo Lovers Day
We’re beginning to feel a little like Oprah doling out the social media days here but guess what zookeepers, you get a day! Consider offering reduced admission prices today and highlight some of your favorite animals. #ZooLoversDay

APR 09

National Gin and Tonic Day
A sophisticated drink for a sophisticated clientele deserves its own day. Consider the juniper berry and offer discounts on your gin and tonic today! #GinandTonicDay

APR 10

National Siblings Day
Whether there’s a bond or a rivalry, there’s no relationship quite like the one between siblings. If you have siblings in your employ then post a photo of them on your social media feeds! #NationalSiblingsDay

Golfer’s Day
Hit the links and then post the links to your golf products! Golf is a beloved sport and has a rich history that you can post about with links like this from Golf.com. #GolfersDay

APR 11

National Pet Day
National Beer Day and National Pet Day all in the same week? It’s like the social media Gods swooped down from a digital Valhalla to deliver two days that are guaranteed to generate high numbers of engagements. Consider sharing photos of some of your employees and their pets today for some genuine, humanizing content! #NationalPetDay

National Parkinson’s Day
This is a day to raise awareness for a devastating illness that still remains a somewhat unknown condition. Given the somewhat mysterious nature of Parkinsons, it might be beneficial to educate your audience with this article from Johns Hopkins about how it’s diagnosed. #NationalPetDay

APR 12

International Day of Pink
This day was created to end bullying of the LGBTQ+ community and encourage people to wear pink as a show of solidarity. If your team wears pink then post a photo to social media to show that you’re a true ally! #DayOfPink

APR 13

National Make Lunch Count Day
A hearty lunch is essential to a productive day and restaurants should seize the opportunity to offer specials on some of their most popular lunch items! #MakeLunchCount

APR 14

Good Deeds Day
Your team does good deeds both inside and outside of the office and today is a day to commemorate those that perform good works with local community organizations! #GoodDeedsDay

Perfume Day
Smells like a great day to offer a discount on your perfumes, right? #PerfumeDay

APR 15

Tax Day
A day many Americans dread for months before it actually arrives. Businesses can simply post a reminder that it’s tax day or can share these tips on how to be prepared for tax day from Morgan Stanley. #TaxDay

APR 16

National Librarian’s Day
Librarians are the guardians of knowledge and today is the day to put the focus on them! Other businesses can also show off some of their teams’ favorite books. #NationalLibrariansDay

APR 17

National Banana Day
Let’s hear it for everyone’s favorite potassium-packed fruit! Show off any menu items featuring the banana and consider sharing a list of health benefits of banana consumption like this one from Health. #NationalBananaDay

World Hemophilia Day
Hemophilia is a rare condition where a person’s blood doesn’t clot properly. The theme of this year’s day is Equity for All: recognizing all bleeding disorders. You can learn more about how to observe this day here. #WorldHemophiliaDay

APR 18

National Exercise Day
Today is a day to get moving and promote physical fitness through exercise! #NationalExerciseDay

APR 19

National Garlic Day
Vampires beware because today is the day where garlic reigns supreme! Restaurants should use this day to share some of their favorite recipes or meals that prominently feature garlic. #NationalGarlicDay

APR 20

I mean, we had to include it, right? If your business involves cannabis at all then today is basically your Super Bowl. #420

Record Store Day
Record geeks like yours truly LOVE this day because record stores from all over sell rare and exclusive releases. This could provide a good opportunity to share your team’s favorite albums. You can learn more about Record Store Day here. #RSD2024

APR 21

World Creativity and Innovation Day
There’s really no limit to what you can post about on this day as long as it’s creative and innovative. If your business has done something especially creative or innovative within your field then today is the day to show it off! #CreativityandInnovationDay

APR 22

Earth Day
Earth Day has been celebrated for over 50 years now and provides brands the perfect opportunity to show off some of the initiatives they’re undertaking to make the world a healthier place! Here are some great ideas for how you and your team can celebrate Earth Day on social media. #EarthDay

APR 23

World Book Day
There’s nothing like curling up with a good book so share some of the books that have had a positive impact on your brand or business! #WorldBookDay

APR 24

Denim Day
Get those jeans ready because it’s denim day! Clothes stores can use this day to offer discounts on all things denim! #DenimDay

Secretary Day
Secretaries are often the unsung heroes of the office and businesses should give them their much-deserved due by highlighting them on their social media feeds! #secretaryday

APR 25

Hairstylist Appreciation Day
Hairstylists are true artists and salon owners should feature their most talented hairstylists on social media today! #HairstylistAppreciationDay

APR 26

Arbor Day
Did you know that the first Arbor Day took place in the 1870’s? Get your team out of the office and consider planting a tree to commemorate this day or share some fun facts like these to celebrate Arbor Day! #ArborDay

World Women’s Wellness Day
Women face unprecedented challenges to both physical and mental health and this is a day to remind women everywhere that they deserve time to decompress. Here are some very simple tips that could prove useful on social media! #WWWD

APR 27

World Design Day
The impact of design is all around us so if your business has a design or designer that you’re particularly proud of then today is the day to show it off on social media. You can also consider posting a series of designs and asking your audience which one they like the most! You can learn more about this day here. #WorldDesignDay

APR 28

Global Pay It Forward Day
This is a great day for brands to run a giveaway or perform an act of kindness while reminding their audience to pay the goodwill forward! This day is rife with potential for full-day campaigns! #PayItForwardDay

APR 29

National Supply Chain Day
The supply chain has had a few disruptions over the past few years so this day represents an opportunity to emphasize how your business has overcome those obstacles. Highlight your role in the supply chain and the people who truly help consumerism in this country run on your social media feed! #SupplyChainDay

APR 30

International Jazz Day
Today is the day to celebrate the great American art form that is jazz! This one is especially meaningful for us as we ran social media for the Jacksonville Jazz Festival for several years. #JazzDay


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