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Kathy's Table

We’ve managed social media for Kathy’s Table for nearly a year now and during that time we’ve not only grown their social presence significantly, we’ve also developed a firm grasp on the messaging that engages their customer community. When we learned that they typically experience a downturn during the summer months, we saw an opportunity to use the knowledge we’d accrued to not only mitigate the historic decrease in sales but to work to increase them through social media — specifically Facebook.

The summer is usually a slower season for us but Nuera helped us dramatically increase sales of our meal plans with their social media promotions.

-Dan Godwin, Kathy’s Table

This summer, from May 1st through August 21st, the Kathy’s Table’s Facebook page was liked by 799 people (a 14.1% increase). We were able to draw a direct correlation between this audience growth and a 26% increase in Kathy’s Table meal plan subscribers. An historically slow period for meal plan subscriptions just became a record-breaking period of sales growth for our client! Here’s a look at how we built and converted that new audience into paying customers.

Likely Customers

Kathy’s Table serves a variety of healthy meal plans so there are a number of different groups that might be inclined to become customers. The obvious group of people to target with this campaign were those that expressed an interest in gluten-free meals, dairy-free meals, and healthy eating. We created audiences of people that fit that description, but we wanted to cast an even wider net initially and then tighten it once we ascertained which audiences were most inclined to like their page based on the early data. Other audiences included:

  • People that expressed an interest in physical fitness, workout regimens, and specific diets.
  • Kathy’s Table adds several vegan options to their menu every other week so we targeted people that ate vegan food.
  • Young professional women make up a sizable portion of the Kathy’s Table community so we targeted that demo if they had interests in any of the above.

Engaging Content

In the eleven months we’ve directed the Kathy’s Table social channels, we’ve identified the types of creative, voice, and messaging that resonates most with their audience. However, it’s one thing for the existing audience to respond to what’s worked in the past and it’s another for the new audience to respond so favorably that they’d quickly become a new meal plan subscriber. When crafting our message during this period, we took what we’d already established as successful and added more informative language in Kathy’s voice so that the new audience would be constantly learning about and connecting with the Kathy’s Table value proposition.

Videos are a HUGE means of driving engagement for anyone in the food industry. In fact, in June of 2017, two of the top 10 video publishers on Facebook were food-related. The videos we’ve produced for Kathy’s Table over the past year have been well received by tens of thousands of users. So we decided to film two new customer testimonials so that the new audience would hear recent customers extolling the virtues of the Kathy’s Table menu. The videos we posted during this period received a combined 43,700 views.

Kathy’s Table

Fresh Cold Press Juices

Kathy’s Table

Making Our Chicken Roulade Meal

Social Service

Kathy’s Table has developed a loyal following of customers for a variety of reasons. The quality and convenience of their healthy meals is a big part of that, but they’ve also cultivated strong customer relationships by sharing their expertise with a friendly and accepting disposition that puts everyone at ease. As their presence on social media has grown, so have the number of daily inquires that come through those channels. Typical of most high-traffic social accounts, theirs have become a primary resource for customer service, so replicating that relationship-driven approach has been a critical component of our success.

We’re able to anticipate the vast majority of the questions based on our experience managing the accounts so we typically proactively include the information we know customers are seeking within our posts. However, with all of these new potential customers in the fold, it was only natural that they’d have a lot of additional questions so as always, we were prepared to respond promptly and accurately in constant collaboration with Kathy’s team.

In conclusion, it’s one thing to build an audience on Facebook, it’s another use that platform to create strong new customer relationships after they’ve liked the page. For Kathy’s Table, we used good data, targeted messaging, and responsive service to turn a historically slow period into their strongest sales growth period in company history.


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