July 2024 Social Media Holidays & Observances

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Things are heating up on social media in July and assuming your laptop hasn’t melted from the heat, we’ve got your calendar of July 2024 social media holidays and observances! Other calendars may have a handy collection of dates and holidays but we’ve done you one better by also including context and helpful links to make your posts burst off the screen like fireworks on the 4th of July. We’ll be utilizing several of these July social media holidays and observances for our own clients at Nuera and we’ve also included several examples from years past where the social media posts really engaged the audience on a specific day in July!

Monthly Social Media Observances in July

Independent Retailer Month
Customers love supporting mom-and-pop stores and independently-owned businesses (we even do a monthly #SupportLocal post on our own channels) and can make a whole month of it on social media in July. Encourage your audience to support not just your business but your fellow independent retailers and offer discounts throughout the course of the month. One thing we’ve done for clients that worked especially well was to post discounts throughout the month for people whose names began with a certain letter. That encourages people to share with their friends and ideally gets some business in the door! #IndependentRetailerMonth

National Culinary Arts Month
An entire month to celebrate the Caravagios of the kitchen! Restaurants can utilize this month to shine a spotlight on both their kitchen staff and the incredibly delicious meals they make. It’s a wonderful opportunity to talk about the care that goes into each meal and the caliber of employees you have working behind the scenes to make the dining experience perfect! #CulinaryArt

National Homeownership Month
Calling all realtors, this is your month to impress upon your audience the joys of homeownership. Show off some of your best clients and their dream homes while also extolling the benefits of owning your own home through lists like this one! #NationalHomeownershipMonth

National Make a Difference To Children Month
This month is all about celebrating the people and causes that make a difference in the lives of children. If you have employees that give their valuable time to helping kids or your business/organization supports children-focused initiatives then this is the month to talk about it. Be careful on the latter though and include resources for people to join you in their support so that you’re putting the cause first and your involvement second. Here’s a history of the holiday for you to learn more! #MakeADifferenceToChildren

National Grilling Month
This is the month to crown the true grillmasters on social media! It should be obvious by this point that if you sell grills, you should feature them this month but you can also include special discounts and giveaways to coincide with this month. We’ve done similar promotions in the past and it not only allows you to create promotional content featuring the grills but also photos and videos of customers using the grills you sell! #Grilling

National Fireworks Safety Month
It’s all fun and games with fireworks until Dad loses a finger trying to commemorate our nation’s independence with a poorly lit Roman candle, right? People will be lighting a lot of fireworks before the 4th of July and this is a particularly good opportunity for law firms to offer fireworks safety tips before the holiday. Here’s a good example of this type of post we made for our client Harris Guidi Rosner.

UV Safety Month
People will be spending a lot of time at the beach this month and who can blame them when it’s so nice and toasty outside? However, it’s important to take precautions when in prolonged sunlight and this is a month where brands can extol the virtues of sunscreen and skin cancer prevention like the American Academy of Dermatologists does here. #UVSafetyMonth

July 2024 Social Media Holidays


National Financial Freedom Day
There’s nothing like the feeling of security when you’re comfortable financially and this is the perfect day to share tips for how your audience can achieve financial freedom. Here’s a great list of steps you can share from Investopedia to push people in the right direction! #FinancialFreedomDay

American Zoo Day
While we don’t recommend handing over control of your social media channels to the elephants on this day (can you even imagine the peanut-related content and trunk puns?) marketing teams at the zoo should absolutely consider offering discounted admission! #ZooDay


Made In The USA Day
Retailers can take advantage of a surge in American pride on the eve of the 4th of July by highlighting and discounting some of their products that are made in the USA! #MadeInTheUSADay


Air Conditioning Appreciation Day
You better believe we’ll be taking advantage of this day with a post for our clients at Ocean State Heating & Air! There’s nothing worse than having a malfunctioning AC unit during the height of summer so now is the time to talk about any specials or discounts you may have to keep that AC unit humming all summer long! #AirConditioningAppreciation


Independence Day / 4th of July
Kind of a big one, here! There are so many options for brands and businesses to take advantage of this day on social media but our first recommendation is to make sure your hours of operation are correct across every social media channel. As far as content is concerned, you can feature your team members at a 4th of July celebration, design something involving fireworks, apple pie, or any slice of Americana, or share a history of the day but be sure to wish your audience a happy #4thofJuly!


National Workaholics Day
Be careful on this one because workaholism IS a real thing (this calendar WAS written by a dude who has compiled every one of these social media months BY HAND) but today can also be a day to celebrate the hardest worker on your team on social media! #WorkaholicsDay


National Fried Chicken Day
When Fried Chicken hits the spot, it REALLY hits the spot. Today is the day to offer discounts on your most delectable fried chicken or maybe even share recipes. Encourage your audience to also share photos of themselves eating your fried chicken with your own dedicated hashtag! #NationalFriedChickenDay


National Dive Bar Day
It used to be that dive bars were considered to be somewhat on the shady side but now that shadiness is celebrated because the word “dive” has become almost synonymous with the neighborhood bar. Lean into any seediness of your dive bar on social media with drink specials all day today (it’s a Sunday so day-drinking is perfectly acceptable!). Maybe offer free tetanus shots? #NationalDiveBarDay

National Day of Rock ‘n Roll
Put another dime in the jukebox, baby! This is a great opportunity for businesses to humanize their content by sharing some of their team’s favorite rock and roll songs. We did something similar a few years ago and your intrepid author solidified his rank as the coolest Nuera Marketing team member by selecting Let It Be by The Replacements #NationalDayofRocknRoll

International Peace and Love Day
We really just included this here in case Ringo Starr reads our blogs. #Ringo


National Ice Cream Sundae Day
Honestly, shouldn’t every day in the summer be National Ice Cream Sundae Day? If you’ve got this delicious treat on the menu then consider offering a discount and be sure to show it off on social media! #NationalIceCreamSundaeDay

National Video Game Day
Today is the day for brands to level up and show off some of their best video games or best video game players in the office! #NationalVideoGameDay


Fashion Day
Strut your stuff and show off some of your best apparel on your social media feeds! Encourage your audience to do the same to increase engagement and participation under the umbrella of the day! #FashionDay


National Kitten Day
Puppies and kittens are dare we say, catnip for social media engagements? People will always react favorably to photos of your team’s cats and kittens so consider collecting and posting them with a link to how people can adopt shelter cats like this one from Academy Pet Hospital. #NationalKittenDay


National Swimming Pool Day
Today is a great day for real estate agents or pool builders to show off some of their best houses or their best work! We run social media for Pratt Guys and you better believe we’ll be showing off some of their amazing pools! #NationalSwimmingPoolDay


National Motorcycle Day
Let your audience feel the wind in their hair as they hit the open road on one of the bikes you have for sale! If you really want to increase your engagements then consider sharing a list of the coolest motorcycles ever like this one from Robb Report. #NationalMotorcycleDay


National Rock Day
Finally, a day for geologists and quarrymen to come together in unison to post about the almighty rock! #NationalRockDay


National Mac and Cheese Day
People are justifiably enthusiastic about mac and cheese because it’s well, delicious! Make sure you’re promoting your own recipe on social media and consider offering discounts today! #NationalMacandCheeseDay

Bastille Day
So you’ve heard of Bastille Day, know it’s something to do with the French, but don’t really know anything else about it? You’re not alone (looks admonishingly in the mirror) which means other people don’t know either so maybe share a link like this to the history of the day. #BastilleDay


Development Disability Professionals Day
Folks who work with those with developmental disabilities work hard each day to make a difference and today is a day to celebrate the individuals who put in the time on your social media feeds! #DevelopmentalDisability


Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day
We use AI every day at Nuera and we absolutely love it. If you use it at all in your day-to-day then consider showing off the program and some of the work it has churned out to showcase both how cutting-edge your team is and also not to upset our future robot overlords. THEY’RE LISTENING RIGHT NOW. #AIAppreciation


World Emoji Day
This is a day for you to have a little fun and show off how you and your team are feeling this summer. We actually posted about this day in 2020 which as you’ll recall was a trying time for everyone so we may have been a little less than above board by not just including sad and confused emojis. #WorldEmojiDay

National Tattoo Day
A day for the inkmasters to show off their best art and to offer people who may be on the fence about a tattoo a discount! #NationalTattooDay


Perfect Family Day
No family is perfect but there is certainly beauty in the imperfections. This is a great opportunity to showcase some family photos of members of your team to build internal goodwill and humanize your staff! #PerfectFamilyDay


National Daiquiri Day
A daiquiri really hits the spot on a hot summer day so if you have one on your menu then today is the day to show it off and offer a discount! You might even consider sharing a recipe like this one. #NationalDaiquiriDay


International Chess Day
Did you know that chess is experiencing an unprecedented resurgence in America? Share some photos of games played by your team and consider sharing something like this that describes some of the most famous games ever played. #InternationalChessDay


National Ice Cream Day
Don’t let Ben & Jerry have all the fun and offer discounts and special flavors of ice cream today! #NationalIceCreamDay


World Brain Day
This is a day to promote good brain health so it’s right in the wheelhouse for medical professionals on social media. You can find more information about this day on the World Federation of Neurology website. #WorldBrainDay


Peanut Butter and Chocolate Day
Peanut butter and chocolate are a delicious combination so if you have a dessert with both on your menu then you should show it off today! #peanutbutterandchocolate


International Self-Care Day
Self-care is one of the bedrocks of wellness and anyone in the medical or fitness fields should consider sharing some tips on how to use self-care to increase their own wellness. #SelfCareDay

National Tequila Day
Oh sweet irony that this falls on the same day as International Self-Care Day! Bars and restaurants should show off their best tequila today and make sure to let people know early while they still remember. You can also share some delicious tequila-based drink recipes like this one! #NationalTequilaDay


National Intern Day
Interns are often the unsung heroes of the office but they don’t have to be on this day when you introduce your audience to them on social media! #NationalInternDay

National Wine and Cheese Day
Bring a little sophistication to the proceedings by offering your audience and customers a guide to which wines pair best with certain cheeses like this one! You can also consider hosting free tastings at your business. #NationalWineandCheeseDay

National Drowning Prevention Day
Did you know that 236,000 people drown each year? With so many people taking to the water during the summer, it’s important to share drowning prevention safety tips like this one. #DrowningPreventionDay


Holistic Therapy Day
If you offer holistic therapy or anything holistic therapy-adjacent then you can bring some balance to your social media feed by extolling the benefits of the practice. Here’s a great example from Verywellmind. #HolisticTherapyDay


National Scotch Day
Make this day go down smooth by highlighting some of your best scotch and offering discounts on top brands! #NationalScotchDay


National Parents’ Day
There is no better job in the world than that of being a parent so today is the day to reward those that put in the work. Consider offering discounts on products that help parents but be sure to let them know that you see the amazing work they do! Here’s a link to more information about the day. #NationalParentsDay

World Nature Conservation Day
If your business or your team does anything to help improve the environment then today is a day to showcase those efforts while also offering suggestions like this for how others can do the same! #WorldNatureConservationDay


National Wing Day
This is not a day dedicated to that NBC show that aired all day on the USA network when I was in high school but rather a day to celebrate the chicken wing! It’s a great opportunity to offer discounted wings for your customers! #NationalWingDay


International Day of Friendship
Today is the day to recognize the people or organizations that have enabled your business to find success. Encourage your audience to share stories about some of the friends who have made a difference in their lives! You can also consult this link for more information about the history of the day. #InternationalDayofFriendship


National Avocado Day
Avocado is a universally beloved vegetable and if you have avocado toast or any other avocado-based meal on your menu then you better show it off on social! #NationalAvocadoDay


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