June 2024 Social Media Holidays & Observances

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June 2024 Social Media Holidays & Observances

Summer is nearly here and its arrival is accompanied by a bevy of compelling June 2024 social media holidays and observances. The irony is not lost on us that National Donut Day is in the same month as Oral Health Month, but what is social media if not an exercise in contradiction? In all seriousness, there are some amazing social media holidays and observances in June that brands can use for context to promote their business and we’ve made that task even easier by supplying you with descriptions and resources/links for the days in this blog!

Monthly Social Media Observances in June

Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month
This month was founded to spread awareness and information about Alzheimer’s and other dementias. The odds are good that you know someone afflicted with this heartbreaking illness and the Alzheimer’s Association encourages people to wear purple to show their support which would make for a great team photo on social media. #ENDALZ

Men’s Health Month
There’s so much that goes into men retaining a healthy lifestyle that this month can be applicable to a wide variety of businesses including gyms, health food stores, and mental health therapy providers. It’s important to also inform while pushing products and services so consider sharing lists of men’s health tips like this one from Cedars-Sinai. #MensHealthMonth

National Homeownership Month
Calling all realtors, this is your month to impress upon your audience the joys of homeownership. Show off some of your best clients and their dream homes while also extolling the benefits of owning your own home through lists like this one! #NationalHomeownershipMonth

Pride Month
Pride Month is a fun celebration of the LGBTQ+ community and gives brands ample opportunity to show their support by changing their profile/cover photos, featuring rainbow-colored imagery, and participating in Pride parades. In recent years, this has been a controversial month for brands (which is patently ridiculous) so be sure to know your audience but above all, be PROUD and unflinching of your support. Here are some great ideas for celebrating Pride Month on your brand’s social media pages. #PrideMonth

National Safety Month
This may seem like the holiday season for hall monitors but it’s actually an official government observance. This month provides businesses a great opportunity to show off everything they do to keep their workplaces safe while also providing workers’ compensation attorneys the appropriate context to share tips like this for how to stay safe at work. #NationalSafetyMonth

Oral Health Month
This is a month that dentists can really sink their teeth into by providing some tips like this for how to maintain excellent oral health! #OralHealthMonth

June 2024 Social Media Holidays

*Editor’s Note: For the sake of all of us, please do not post this Justin Timberlake meme at the start of May. We ALL GET it. It’s like the Furby of internet memes now–it’s over.


Global Day of Parents
Being a parent is a life-changing experience but it’s not always easy. Today is the day to share some things your business can provide to parents to help take some of the burden off them that they experience every day! You can learn more about the origins of the day here. #ParentsDay

World Milk Day
Today we are all lactose tolerant so showcase some of your best dairy products! Consider introducing a special dairy-based meal or drink today to generate some excitement. #WorldMilkDay


National Cancer Survivors Day
Cancer is a horrible disease that affects so many people and their families. Today is the day to highlight members of your team who have survived this dreaded disease and to spread hope across your social media feeds. We posted this for our HVAC client last year and it resulted in an outpouring of positivity on their social media feeds. #NCSD2024


National Egg Day
John Lennon may have been the walrus but today we can all be the egg man. Farmers and restaurants should take today to talk about the benefits of eating protein-packed eggs! Here’s a free tagline for anyone posting today that your author thinks it’s stupid-clever: “We never skip Egg Day.” #NationalEggDay


National Cheese Day
Smile and say cheese because this day is truly… gouda for those who sell cheese! Few foods inspire such fervor as cheese so show off some of your best cheeses on social media day and consider incorporating a contesting element for those in your audience that can be the cheesiest! #NationalCheeseDay


World Environment Day
Did you know that an estimated 7 million people die yearly because of air pollution? Today is the day to tell your audience what your company does to help protect our environment. Here’s a great list of ways companies can be more eco-friendly from Forbes.

National Veggie Burger Day
People sure do love their veggie burgers? If you have them on your menu then take this day to share why your veggie burgers are the best! #NationalVeggieBurgerDay


This marks the anniversary of D-Day and allows brands and businesses to show some patriotism by sharing photos or information about the day that inspires a sense of national pride in their audience. #DDay

National Higher Education Day
Pursuing higher education can lead to lifetime success and today is the day for colleges and universities to champion all their schools have to offer. Consider using today to promote some of the scholarships your institution has available. #HigherEducationDay


National Donut Day
Want to be the most popular person in the office? Bring donuts for the whole team and then commemorate their delight with photos of them enjoying these perfect pastries on social media! #NationalDonutDay

World Caring Day
This day was started by CaringBridge to give folks the opportunity to share what they really care about. Brands and businesses can do the same thing by sharing appreciation for their employees, customers, causes, or industries! #WorldCaringDay


World Oceans Day
World Oceans Day has been going strong for 17 years thanks to The Ocean Project and brands and businesses can do a number of things to show their support for ocean conservation on this day! #WorldOceansDay

World Brain Tumors Day
This is a day to raise awareness and educate about brain tumors. One of the ways to show support is to wear a grey ribbon so encourage your team to wear one in a photo for social media. You can find more information about the day here. #HopeInGrey


National Meal Prep Day
Healthy meal prep has only grown more popular over the last few years and yet many don’t know the benefits of the service. Take this opportunity to show off some of your best, healthy meals and to explain just how convenient it is to have prepared meals! #MealPrepDay


National Iced Tea Day
If you run a restaurant that serves iced tea then you can use today to offer free iced tea with the purchase of an entree or something similar! #NationalIcedTeaDay


National Make Life Beautiful Day
If this holiday were a soap opera it would be called The Broad and The Beautiful because you can really share anything your business or your employees do to make life beautiful for those around them! #MakeLifeBeautifulDay


National Peanut Butter Cookie Day
Your (we hope by now beloved) author happens to love himself a peanut butter cookie and you can take his word for it when he says he would definitely go to a business that posted peanut butter cookie discounts on this day! If you really want to lean into the day then you can share peanut butter cookie recipes like this one. #PeanutButterCookieDay


A day to celebrate the hard work of Career Nurse Assistants, this is a great chance for healthcare providers to show their appreciation for the hard work of these amazing employees! #CNADay


National Blood Donor Day
Organize your team to donate blood or even host a blood drive yourself while encouraging others to donate blood. Did you know that one blood donation can save up to three lives? It’s pretty mind-blowing and so are these facts you can share about blood donation with your audience. #GiveBlood

Flag Day
Show your patriotism by projecting reverence to the symbol of the American flag. Here are some interesting facts about Flag Day you can also share. #FlagDay


Nature Photography Day
Show off some of your best nature photographs on social media today and encourage your audience to do the same! #NaturePhotographyDay


Father’s Day
A day dedicated to dads and all they do in their infinite dadness! We recommend sharing photos of employees who are fathers with their children today (like this post we did for a law firm client) and including a sentiment of appreciation about all the fathers out there. You can also consider doing Father’s Day discounts so that children across the world can get a steal on a gift for dad! #HappyFathersDay


National Eat Your Vegetables Day
Vegetables are a delicious and nutritious food and today would be a great day to share a vegetable-based recipe like these! #EatYourVegetables


International Picnic Day
Nothing says frolicking fun like a picnic so share some of your products that would make excellent additions to a picnic basket! #InternationalPicnicDay

International Sushi Day
Let’s get raw with a post about sushi specials your restaurant makes specifically for this day! #SushiDay


National Martini Day
Time to indulge your inner James Bond fantasies with a silly photo of employees dressed to the nines with a shaken (NOT STIRRED) martini. Bars can also offer discounts and promotions on this day while also sharing some tips like this on how to make an amazing martini! #NationalMartiniDay

World Sickle Cell Day
Sickle cell disease is the most common blood disorder and it affects about 100,000 people in the United States. Consider linking to blood donation sites to help raise awareness and get blood to those who really need it! #WorldSickleCellDay


First Day of Summer
Celebrate summer’s arrival with seasonal specials and a breezy tone in your post captions! #FirstDayofSummer


International Yoga Day
Namaste my limber chums, for today is International Yoga Day! If you run a yoga studio, consider offering some at-home yoga tips like this or offer free classes to try to recruit some new students! #InternationalYogaDay

World Motorcycle Day
Get your motor runnin’ and head out on the information superhighway that is social media by encouraging your audience to share photos of their best bikes or their best motorcycle road trips! #MotorcycleDay


National HVAC Tech Day
Celebrate your cool HVAC employees with a hot social media post! We celebrate this day for our HVAC client every year with a post like this one. #NationalHVACTechDay


National Family-Owned and Operated Businesses Day
Mom and pop shops are businesses that need to be celebrated and this is the day to do it! Being family-owned and operated should be a source of pride so wear that well in your social media post featuring members of your family that help keep your business running! #FamilyOwnedAndOperated


Upcycling Day
Upcycling is the act of repurposing old items for new uses. This day gives you a great opportunity to show how inventive you can be by taking one thing and turning it into another. Encourage your audience to do the same and to share their creations by sharing this resource. #UpcyclingDay


National Catfish Day
Seafood restaurants can share catfish specials today and even catfish recipes like this one here! #NationalCatfishDay


National Beautician Day
If your salon has some all-stars working the scissors then this is your chance to introduce them to the world on National Beautician Day! #NationalBeauticianDay


National Sunglass Day
This is more of a fun day to introduce your audience to your team by having everybody wear sunglasses in a photo you can share! #NationalSunglassDay

PTSD Awareness Day
The pain of experiencing trauma can cause PTSD and there’s still a lot of unknowns about the disorder. Today should be a day about educating the public, combating misinformation, and spreading awareness. A great resource for social media ideas can be found here. #PTSDAwareness


National Insurance Awareness Day
Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about insurance so today is a great day to remind them of the benefits of being covered. #InsuranceAwarenessDay

National Food Truck Day
There’s a special kind of joy that comes when you see your favorite food truck roll up around lunch time. Food trucks should seize this day to offer discounts and specials! #FoodTruckDay


National Camera Day
This is a day for the budding Ansel Adamses of the world to show off their best camera gear and their best photos! #NationalCameraDay


Social Media Day
This should be the day you thank your exhausted author for compiling this enormous calendar for you. In all seriousness, use this day to get your audience active on your page by getting them to connect with some aspect of your business online. If you really want to get into the weeds, you can share this history of social media to show just how quickly it has evolved since its inception. #SocialMediaDay


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