March 2024 Social Media Holidays & Observances

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March 2024 Social Media Holidays & Observances

Spring is nearly here and that means there are plenty of opportunities for brands to refresh their social media content! We know how laborious it can be to try to find context for some of your social media posts so we’ve compiled this calendar of March 2024 Social Media Holidays and Observances for brands to give your posts that extra sizzle. There are plenty of great social media holidays this month and this March 2024 social media holidays and observances calendar for brands is so thorough that you’ll be able to find a day to utilize regardless of your industry!

At Nuera, we’ve used a number of these holidays to provide compelling context for the social media content we produce for our clients. Unlike other 2024 March social media holidays and observances calendars, we’ve included our own context, resources to utilize, and the hashtags for each social media holiday. Let’s dive in!

Monthly Social Media Observances in March

Brain Injury Awareness Month
At least 2.8 million people die as a result of brain injuries every year in the United States. This is an opportunity for anyone in the medical profession to share some warning signs of brain injury or tips on how to avoid them. The Brain Injury Institute of America is running a campaign called More Than Just My Brain to raise awareness and they have a number of resources you can use. #MoreThanMyBrainInjury

Employee Spirit Month
Nothing generates more goodwill for a business than celebrating its employees on social media. This month represents a great opportunity for businesses to involve their employees in their social media plan by posting them on the job and engaging in the kind of camaraderie that makes your business a fun place to work! #employeespiritmonth

Frozen Food Month
Do you specialize in frozen foods? Well, this month is for you! Make it a point to celebrate the convenience of frozen foods for those that work so hard and celebrate some of your best-selling products! You can find information about the month from the National Frozen and Refrigerated Food Association here! #FrozenFoodMonth

March Madness
It’s the most magical time of the year for sports fans! While office pools are frowned upon when money is involved (wink, wink), playing for fun is a great way to engage your team and ask your audience who they think will win the whole tournament. CBS Sports has a great list of the all-time greatest March Madness updates here which can be a great way to prompt people to share which teams they think will be upset in this year’s tournament. #MarchMadness

National Nutrition Month
People are eating healthier than ever and this is a great month for both health food and fitness businesses to share some tips on how to eat nutritiously. Here’s a great resource from the American Heart Association you can share on your social media feeds! #NutritionMonth

National Craft Month
Let’s get crafty throughout the month of March with content that shows off some of the materials and supplies your business sells for those DIY MacGuyvers who can create birdhouses out of popsicle sticks and a few pieces of chewing gum. When we work with our own clients, we always try to post content that incentivizes the audience to share something of their own so craft-centric businesses should consider asking their customers to share some of their craftiest creations! #NationalCraftMonth

March 2024 Social Media Holidays

MAR 01

National Employee Appreciation Day
Don’t just celebrate an employee of the month today and consider sharing something heartfelt about how much you appreciate your whole team! #EmployeeAppreciationDay

MAR 02

National Old Stuff Day
Antique stores…this is your Super Bowl! Post some of the best antiques you have in your store and ask your audience to share some of their favorite collectibles and antiques! #OldStuffDay

World Teen Mental WellnessDay
This is a day to raise awareness for the mental health issues commonly affecting teenagers every day. Mental Health First Aid has a great list of five tips to help children and teens reduce stress that can be found here. #TeenMentalHealth

MAR 03

International Irish Whiskey Day
Irish Whiskey has been around for over 800 years and it’s still going down strong today! This represents a great opportunity for restaurants and bars to offer discounts and promotions around their best Irish whiskeys or to share some fun historical facts about how the Emerald Isle has been filling the bottle for quite a while (you can steal that!). #irishwhiskeyday

MAR 04

National Snack Day
Help your audience fend off a snack attack by showing off some of the best snacks on your menu! #NationalSnackDay

National Sons Day
People are constantly being sold to on social media so today is a day for your brand or business to show off a more human side by featuring photos of all of your team’s fathers with their sons! #NationalSonsDay

MAR 05

National Sportsmanship Day
If you have a particularly competitive team then today is a great day to show off a gracious winner while also showing off how much your team cares about doing a great job! #sportsmanship

MAR 06

Dentist Day
Give your audience a mouthful of information about the dentistry profession or your practice on this day of the dentist! Here are seven “amazing” facts about dentists from the American Orthodontic Society! #DentistDay

National Dress Day
Make your social feed your audience’s newest runway by showing off the best dresses you have in stock! #NationalDressDay

MAR 07

National Cereal Day
Who doesn’t love a good breakfast cereal? Show off your best cereals and remind your audience that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! #NationalCerealDay

MAR 08

National Preschooler’s Day
A day for all of the educators out there to show off some of their work in early education! #NationalPreschoolersDay

International Women’s Day
This is a day to celebrate the amazing achievements of the women who either work for your company or have helped influence its direction. With days like these, it’s always a good idea to include calls-to-action so your posts don’t feel too self-congratulatory so links to scholarships available to women like this one will be a great way to truly champion amazing women! #InternationalWomensDay

MAR 09

National Meatball Day
There may be a lot of discourse in the world but we can all agree that meatballs are delicious, right? Show off your best meatball dishes on social media today! #NationalMeatballDay

World Kidney Day
This day exists to raise awareness for the various kidney disorders that affect so many people worldwide. If your business is in the healthcare field then consider sharing tips for how people can maintain good kidney health like this one here. #WorldKidneyDay

MAR 10

International Day of Awesomeness
The world is your oyster on this day because you can show off anything that’s awesome whether that’s a product, service, or employee. Just be sure to bring the enthusiasm to your post! #DayOfAwesomeness

Daylight Savings
Be sure to send a reminder to your audience about daylight savings! This day is always a little strange so you can add some facts to offset the inevitable confusion the day brings! #DaylightSavings

MAR 11

World Plumbing Day
Plumbers can really make a day of it today by showing off their team, specials, and more! The pipes, the pipes are calling indeed! #WorldPlumbingDay

MAR 12

National Girl Scout Day
Cookie party commences! If you have a team member with a daughter selling girl scout cookies then now is the time to show it off on social media! It’s adorable, the cookies are delicious, and it’s for a great cause! Here’s a history of girl scout cookies to give your audience some reading material while they chow down! #GirlScoutDay

National Working Mom’s Day
Working moms are true heroes and should be celebrated every day! This is a day where you can show off the superstar moms at your business that find the time to crush the game at work and at home! #WorkingMom

MAR 13

National Good Samaritan Day
This is a day to have your team perform an act of kindness and raise awareness for causes or organizations that are important to you! #GoodSamaritanDay

National Jewel Day
Today is the day for jewelers to show off that bling! Get ahead of some of the other “discount days” in spring and offer special promotions to drive more business on this day! Editor’s note: this day is not to be confused with America’s best-selling poetess and musician (TRUE STORY), Jewel. #NationalJewelDay

MAR 14

Legal Assistance Day
This day represents a great opportunity for law firms to remind potential clients that they offer legal assistance and to offer tips for their key practice areas! #LegalAssistanceDay

Pi Day
3.14…ok you get it, Pi is a really long number. This has potential for some zany content so here are some Pi Day puns you can use! #PiDay

MAR 15

World Consumer Rights Day
This is a day to raise awareness of the rights consumers have all over the world and to inform your audience on how to be vigilant in the face of potential fraud. You can find more information at Consumer International here. #WorldConsumerRightsDay

World Sleep Day
You don’t want your audience falling asleep while reading your post (after is ok though) so consider sharing these tips on how to get better sleep! #WorldSleepDay

MAR 16

National Freedom of Information Day
This day falls on James Madison’s birthday and serves to raise awareness for the public’s right to access information about their government. You can learn more about this day at the American Library Association here. #FreedomOfInformationDay

MAR 17

St. Patrick’s Day
Bring the green to the office and leave the pinching at home. Consider having your team dress in green and snap a team photo in celebration of the day. Here’s a great history of St. Patrick’s Day from Britannica (ironically enough). #StPatricksDay

MAR 18

Global Recycling Day
Recycling is so important to the environment and going the extra mile can really endear your business to prospective customers. Share some of the actions you’re taking to step up your recycling game and share some tips for how your audience can as well! #GlobalRecyclingDay

MAR 19

First Day of Spring
Spring is all about renewal and on this first day of the season you can encourage the audience to renew a membership or a commitment while also celebrating the inherent freshness that comes with the new season! #FirstDayofSpring

National Backyard Day
You better believe we are going to show off some of the amazing backyards built by our clients at Pratt Guys on this day! Today is also a day to encourage your audience to share some of their own backyard innovations on your feed! #NationalBackyardDay

MAR 20

International Day of Happiness
Joy abounds on this day and you should celebrate the things that make you and your customers happy! It also represents a great opportunity to launch an International Day of Happiness discount or promotion! #DayOfHappiness

World Oral Health Day
Time to put your social media content where your mouth is, as it were. This year’s campaign is “A happy mouth is a healthy body” and you can find more information here. #OralHealthDay

MAR 21

National Flower Day
Spruce up your feed with some flowery goodness and let your content really…blossom? #NationalFlowerDay

World Down Syndrome Day
This day is always the 21st of March because it represents the 21st chromosome that causes Down Syndrome. Use this opportunity to spread awareness of Down Syndrome, promote inclusivity, and help end the stereotypes. #WDSD

MAR 22

World Water Day
Humans all over the world experience water issues and this is a day to promote an issue not spoken of very often. Consider sharing some facts about international water issues like these, supplied by the United Nations. #WorldWaterDay

MAR 23

National Puppy Day
When it comes to engagements, posting pictures of puppies is basically like shooting fish in a barrel. If any of your employees have puppies or there is an office dog then today is the day to feature them! #NationalPuppyDay

World Math Day
Any organization in the educational realm can solve the engagement equation with a math-related post on World Math Day! It IS the universal language after all! #WorldMathDay

MAR 24

National Cocktail Day
Get loose on the social media feed and share a recipe for your most popular cocktail! #NationalCocktailDay

MAR 25

International Waffle Day
Allow us a moment to consider the waffle. A delicious pastry just begging to be covered in condiments and treats of your choosing. No waffling on these posts–if you’ve got a great waffle on your menu, it’s time to feature it on social media! #InternationalWaffleDay

MAR 26

Epilepsy Awareness / Purple Day
This day was created to enhance the public’s understanding of epilepsy and provide a good opportunity to share some facts about the disorder. Also, consider having your team wear purple to commemorate the day. #PurpleDay

MAR 27

World Theatre Day
Your feed was made for the stage so theatres should celebrate some of the best productions ever performed under their roof! #WorldTheatreDay

MAR 28

Major League Baseball Opening Day
America’s pastime kicks off another season so have your team dress up in their favorite team’s uniform for a great social media photo! If you really want to step up to the plate on Opening Day then this is a fun list of Opening Day facts! #OpeningDay

National Weed Appreciation Day
Listed here so you remember ;-). Just use any weed-related hashtag here and you should be solid.

MAR 29

Good Friday
A big day in Christianity so be conscious of your audience in respect to that. #GoodFriday

MAR 30

Easter Sunday
Be sure to wish your following a Happy Easter! #HappyEaster

MAR 31

World Backup Day
Remind all of your followers to backup their files so their important information is secure. Here is a great resource to share to help inform people on how to best protect their privacy. #WorldBackupDay


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