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Three years ago today we opened the doors on Nuera Marketing for the first time. Starting any business is hard and starting a marketing agency is, well, no exception. There’s a lot of competition ranging from big, well-established agencies and intentionally smaller, boutique brands to scrappy solo shops willing to undercut and underdeliver. Thirty-six months in at Nuera, we know who we are; an intentionally small team of seasoned pros who take an audience-driven approach, love what we do, and are passionate about our clients’ brands.

Nu Year


As we turned the page on 2018 and our third full year as an agency, we reflected back on recent work and lessons learned--and boy did we learn a lot. Working with multiple larger brands and new clients through strenuous projects and new-to-us client service scenarios, we were forced to look inward and refocus on why we started Nuera. I’ve talked a lot in the past about our audience-driven approach as a point of unique value without as much focus on how we’re building Nuera from a client-side perspective. As important as our approach is, having spent the bulk of my career working with agencies big and small from the client-side, that perspective is equally critical. At a glance it means that our perspective in everything we do as a business--from pricing, process, and project management to sales, service, and solutions--should always come from putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes. It also means alleviating many of the pain points that come from working with traditional agencies and zeroing in on that perfect balance point where working for the client’s audience meets working with the client. As we head into our fourth year, client-side perspective is once again at the forefront of our day-to-day discussions as well as our messaging and brand.

Nu Look

As any company evolves, so must its brand. In that spirit, our team is proud to present the third iteration of our visual brand via our new website.

I shared a bit about “the why” behind our updated messaging, but this evolution of our visual brand was also really important to us. As a creative and digital agency, it’s as hard to keep our own brand current and forward-thinking as it is important. Hard because we spend most of our time focused on client projects and important because it speaks to where we are creatively against market trends. If you’ve already checked out the site, you saw that we took a bit more of a colorful, whimsical approach that leans away from flat and into more material design principles without abandoning our legacy aesthetics altogether. We believe this speaks nicely to who we are creatively while connecting with our target audiences in a meaningful way.

Nu Era

With that, we’re already working to shape Nuera’s fourth year into not only our best yet, but one that lays the foundation required for the growth we want to achieve for our agency and its clients. Perhaps that’s summarized best through our new packaging statement:

Nuera is a Jacksonville marketing agency built on audience-driven strategies and a determination to do right by our clients and their customers, always. We partner with small businesses, growth-stage companies, and enterprise brands to craft and shape big ideas into meaningful growth.

At Nuera, we’re focused on your business and your experience working with us. You won’t find any rookies cutting their teeth on your dime; no bloated proposals or fine print to keep you on the hook. Just an intentionally small team of seasoned pros who love what they do and genuinely care about your brand; a 21st century agency built from the client-side perspective.

Over the years we’ve helped organizations of all shapes, sizes, and verticals; crafting meaningful experiences that drive bottom-line results. Whether you want to develop a new brand, reimagine your website, boost your social media game, or generate more leads, we can help.

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