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One year ago today, we opened the door on Nuera Marketing for the first time. I’m not going to sugarcoat this…the place was a mess. But in one week, our team had cleaned, repaired, painted, furnished, and really transformed the space into a client-ready office we could be proud of. We accomplished this while not only meeting a last-minute, eight-day build deadline on the new Jacksonville Jazz Festival website, but also while quietly embarking on the formidable task of launching our startup agency. Suffice it to say, we had to hit the ground running. It may not have been perfect, but we learned a lot about our unique strengths, how to work together, and more importantly, that we were capable of producing great work under pressure.

We’ve come a long way since then. Over our first year, we’ve enjoyed the honor of working with 30+ clients from Jacksonville to San Fransisco while exceeding their expectations on brand development, web design, social media, strategic marketing, and digital projects. Much like our first week, it hasn’t been perfect, and perhaps it never will be. What we do know is that if we keep learning, building for our clients’ audiences, and letting the work we do speak for us, we’ll continue on this upward trajectory.

To everyone who has hired us, worked with us, sung our praises, or given us feedback along the way — thank you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Nuera gets to know your story at a granular level and is supremely effective at telling it. The web design team is exceptional and the social media campaigns Nuera creates for us have dramatically increased our sales.

– Deborah Gianoulis Heald

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Nuera has improved our websites and social media with stunning results. Within our first 3 months, we saw sales exceed forecasted expectations and our analytics continue to show positive growth.

– Brent Fine

digital creative agency

Hire Nuera Marketing if you want to dominate your industry and grow your business. It’s that simple. These guys care so much about each of their clients and absolutely crush it for us every single day.

– Jason Pratt

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The best advice I’ve ever taken in business was calling Nuera Marketing. I’m so happy with my new branding and website… Nuera really showed the world the soul of my business, and I’m not sure how they did it.

– James Perry

digital creative agency

Thank you Nuera for your hard work, creativity, and discipline! We now have a beautiful, functional web site on which we get compliments all the time.

– Meridith Anzulis

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