How To Choose the Right Colors For Your Brand

Grant NielsenBranding, Design

how to choose the right colors for your brand

The question of how to choose the right colors for your brand is important in order to develop an effective brand identity. While design considerations like typography, placement, and imagery are all vital to capturing a company’s essence, color can often be your most powerful tool. Color uniquely communicates a … Read More

How to Build a World Class Brand

Joe SampsonBranding, Strategy

how to build a brand

Ask Google how to build a brand and the first handful of results alone will overwhelm you with advice – some good, some bad, and some ill-advised. The reliable advice a good marketer would typically give should be specific to the brand, and based on market data they’d uncover through research. But … Read More

How Much Should I Pay for Social Media Management?

Joe SampsonSocial

How Much Should I Pay for Social Media Management?

In the months we spent researching and preparing to launch our marketing agency, we dedicated significant time to identifying the ways in which we wanted to differentiate within our market. As one example, we have an amazing social media management team, but so do a lot of other agencies. What … Read More

How to Engage a Social Media Community

Social MediaSocial

How to engage a social media community

After deciding which social media outlets to use, creating your social media account, and building your follower/fan base, learning how to engage a social media community strategically follows next. It’s important to note that engaging a social media community is going to be more important than gaining followers/fans. If your … Read More

7 of the Top Web Trends in 2016

Grant NielsenWeb Design

Top Web Trends in 2016

In 2015, the web saw mobile access edge past desktop usage for the first time ever. This has massively impacted the designers of the world, who have rushed to adapt to the quickly shifting landscape. Now we set our sights on developing a mobile-first mentality, as we examine 7 of … Read More